Botany Everywhere : Second Edition

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Ornamental Garden Plants

Food Crops, Herbs & Spices

Woody Plants ID'ed for all seasons

Wildflowers & Weeds

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Ferns, Grasses & Sedges

This PDF Resource Base of 1260 common plants is now published and for sale, shipping by USPS. It contains 4200 internal specific hyperlinks and additional reading external hyperlinks to web site resources.

House Plants

To preview about one percent of the book, download a 5 megabyte sample PDF and save it to your disc:  BESample1.pdf.  The book now includes for each species diagnostic photos, the wetness (NWI) and hardiness zones (USDA), as well as a technical description and some historical, usage or toxicity details. 

The purpose is simple: If you find a common plant of any kind, group or origin, you should be able to find it in this e-book.  No more tree guide, fern guide, grass guide, gardening book, vegetable list or house plant expert.  With prior books before you begin, you must already know if a plant has been planted, or escaped from cultivation, or if it is a weed or a native to the Northeast, just to find the correct book to begin the species search. COMMON PLANTS IN JUST ONE BOOK

Most gardening books still today do not provide the simple diagnostic features of a species or variety! You "just have to already know" or, you can try to guess from squinting at the two lovely photos they provide. . .

Most botany books avoid common plants like ginkgo trees, Bradford Pears, potatoes, peonies and poppies, on the assumption that horticulture is just not the author's job. And what kind of plan is that for the interested reader on finding a new plant?

HERE is a new approach, from the ground upward. The photos will surprise: instead of just one aesthetic shot of a tree in full bloom, there will usually be from 5 to 15 photos on the page, showing the diagnostic characters over the seasons, as needed: twigs, winter buds, leaf details, bark, flower and / or fruit-- whatever it takes to give you the confidence to say: "Yes, this is really the species I've got!"

To download a 2-page PDF brochure, R-click and Save to Disk.

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Our disc now ships with an 8-page Instruction Book,  explaining exactly what to do, step by step. You can download a PDF copy here. Put your disc in any CD-ROM drive, and wait for the indicator to show on the screen. There is no installing, just view it directly from the CD-ROM.

Or, for faster reading, drag the large file, BotanyEverywhere.PDF, onto your hard drive into a suitable folder, then view it from there. Make a shortcut to your desktop.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or more recent (6, 7, 8) for viewing. Works best on detailed LCD screens.

Using the Reader to navigate a large PDF with hyperlinks and huge photos can be daunting. MIST has prepared simple, step-by-step Help manuals for you to freely download. There is one for each of the four Reader Versions: V5Help V6Help V7Help and V8Help 

Become familiar with the Hand Tool and use the "Back arrow" after a hyperlink to return to the Previous View. Read directions on getting the most from your Adobe Reader performance on p. 3 by clicking on "Help With This Digital Resource" button on page 1.

Copy the file to two computers and stay within Copyright  fair use. For using on more than three, contact us for a Site License, tell us how many computers you want to use. We will offer very generous terms for offices, school rooms and environmental organizations. Just ask Marty.

On the first Recipe page, (p. 1094), click on "STAYING IN TOUCH" (green, underlined) to visit a special web page we maintain just for users of this book, with supplemental updates, more recipes, and other reader's comments as we get them.

As easy to use as any other Acrobat PDF file!

Reviews So Far:





“Marty Michener has produced a marvelous treasure trove of botanical exposition for over 1,200 plant species, exquisitely detailed, and superbly illustrated with 5500 wonderful diagnostic photographs. It is a tremendous accomplishment that provokes imagination of how floras, field guides and other works in natural history might be presented in the future. In making effective use of tools of technology, Michener has skillfully produced a masterpiece, which is likely to set a new standard in digital publication of elements in our natural environment. The quality of illustration, accuracy of scientific fact, ease of search and sort capabilities, make this work a must for anyone interested in natural history.” — Dr. John T. Kartesz, Director, Biota of North America Program

"It is truly magnificent, Marty. I can’t wait to really work with it when we get back. It is just the sort of thing I have long ago decided I needed if I was ever to learn how to identify plants, and now it is, unsurprisingly, you who has created the ultimate draft of that dream. Thank you for doing such a superb job." Dr. Roger S. Payne, founder and president of Ocean Alliance, author of "Among Whales".

"This new resource on these marvelous plants is sure to become an invaluable gardening reference and is comparable to the Horticopia software I have been using for the last few years. The in-depth descriptions and wonderful photographs taken by Marty Michener are truly amazing. I can now provide clients with much more detailed information. This is a great tool and a must for every landscape designer."— Martyn Stewart,  Jardinier Plant Maintenance Company, Redmond, WA.

Dr. Michener's Botany Everywhere is the best and most user-friendly plant identification publication I have ever seen. As a zoological ecologist, plant identification has been at once the most necessary adjunct to my work and my most difficult task. But only difficult until now! Never before have such illustrations and indepth coverage been available. If you want to know what kind of plant is before you, here is the way. And there is so much more, too. There is a wealth of natural history information, from toxicity to delicious recipes: Amazing! — Dr. James D. Lazell, President, The Conservation Agency, Jamestown, Rhode Island (

"I spent time looking at your wonderful CD. Its SO MUCH MORE than I expected it to be! I  couldn’t get over its overall appearance and had to get a neighboring teacher to come look at it. She thought it was outstanding, too. We thought the photos and text informative without being over-whelming. The diagrams and arrows pointing out certain details described were so helpful to someone wanting to understand a plant. What a fantastic job! I do so want to spend more time with the CD. So many of the plants you mention grow in this area and I’ve never found a source to tell me what they all are. I hope to share it with our high school biology instructor soon and see what he thinks of the CD. This CD would be a great asset to a middle school, high school, or college instructor and student when teaching/studying botany. Its a portable resource easily taken into the field or elsewhere. The photos are so clear in different stages of growth and angles that it enables one to readily identify a plant.” — Jan Johnson, Elementary School Teacher, Nebraska, 1998 Presidential Awardee for Elementary Science from Nebraska; Peter Kiewit Exemplary Teacher for 1997 for a bird study unit.

The Editor in Chief of "Rhodora", Journal of New England Botanical Club, Dr. Janet Sullivan has just written a 3-page favorable book review of Botany Everywhere. The full citation: RHODORA, Vol. 110, No. 941, pp. 111-113, 2008.
© Copyright 2008 by the New England Botanical Club.

An exerpt: "Botany Everywhere is fun. It is easy to use, provides useful and interesting information on over 1200 species, and allows for identification of both cultivated and wild plants in the Northeast. By providing multiple photographs of each species, it enables users to confidently identify plants without using technical terminology, while gently introducing some terms, concepts, and scientific names. . . "

Vendor Support

Several nature and book stores have expressed interest in retailing our nature books on disc. Customers might want to "thumb through" a disc to preview what they will buy, and few stores will risk providing an unattended retail counter computer.

 MIST provides attractive printed displays, posters and a ring book of sample laminated pages, each printed directly from the book on a home inkjet. Contact us by email, whether you only want a few discs on consignment or whether you may be ready to go into full wholesale rates. (See this web page bottom for a less-than-full resolution tree illustration, planned for our next supplement.)

A customer examines pages printed from Botany Everywhere, identifying White Pine tree.


To arborists in the Northeast this may come as no surprise: The Tree Care Industry Association has reviewed Botany Everywhere in their October, 2007, Magazine.


The author has purchased a small computer for teaching field plant identification. Even with the extra duty battery it only weighs 22 oz(625 grams), and fits easily in anyone's hand. It has a touch screen so the photos in the e-book can be dragged with a stylus around for best viewing.  It is protected by a finger-print reader for convenient, very quick, secure log-ons. The cost was comparable to a Vista laptop and has good sharpness and clarity of the 4 inch screen. Unlike laptops which are designed for sitting and computing, the UMPC series is designed for walking and computing.

The photos at left were taken on sunny days (Aug 27, 28), in the shade, and show randomly selected plants in my yard, next to portions of the species pages displayed onscreen from Botany Everywhere. From top left, clockwise: Highbush Cranberry, Viburnum opulus, p. 980; Fall Dandelion, Leontodon autumnalis, p 1035; White Ash, Fraxinus americana, p. 872; Great Plantain, Plantago major, p. 958; Blue Spruce,  Picea pungens, p. 100 and Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum, p. 719. I have seen no other reference book which contains illustrated species accounts for all these six very common species.

UMPC's (or "palm-tops") are real computers, not palms or cell-phones, each with a hard disk and full Windows operating system. This one is one of Sony VAIO series, has 30 Gigabyte Hard Disc, 1 Gigabyte of RAM, a 1.33 Gigaherz Intel Solo CORE processor. It communicates directly by radio with Bluetooth keyboard and WIFI Internet sources. The hyperlinks in the book work almost instantaneously, as do the photo renderings.


If you have a recent Google Earth installed on your computer, and you live near Hollis, NH, check out this map of tree locations for photographs I've taken for Botany Everywhere. You will likely need to Right-Click THIS FILE and choose SAVE TO a location. When the download is complete, choose OPEN and Google Earth will properly open the file and take you to a view of the Hollis, NH, area. From inside Google Earth, you can click on any tree, listed on the left pane alphabetically by genus. Or you can click "PLAY" for a tour of the trees, alphabetically by Genus and species.

If you actually want to go to see any of these trees, PLEASE observe them discretely only from the roadways; ask the property owner if you want to interview a tree up close. Hollis also has many dogs! Remember the law: property owners own all plant materials onsite.

To help publicise this plant book, you are welocme to copy / save this icon to your web site and create a link back to this page.    To help publicise this plant book, you are welocme to copy / save this icon to your web site and create a link back to this page.    To help publicise this plant book, you are welocme to copy / save this icon to your web site and create a link back to this page.

As more species pages are developed, PDF supplements adding species will be available to licensed purchasers of Botany Everywhere.

  Cladrastis kentukea, illustration reduced in resolution.

This composite photo of the Kentucky-Yellow-Wood in bloom is a typical book species illustration.

Photographed with permission and on the property of Mixed Border, Hollis, NH.

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