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Read a sample from Graminoids
PDF Digital Plant
Graminoids - $20 USD
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Read a sample from This Broken Archipelago
This Broken Archipelago $16
 Now Published.
Read the original paper on Wetland Site Index from Wetlands now as a PDF file.
    The Graminoids book has been selling for $20 at nature book stores for four years. It is for the serious wildflower enthusiast who wants to make the next step up to grasses and sedges. At least one Harvard Professor has incorporated portions of it into his classroom work. This is a step up for the out-of-print classic by James D. Lazell.
Marty Michener's original B/W photos have all been re-scanned at high resolution, and frog and toad sounds are now contained right in the book, just a click away! 
With over 5600 diagnostic color photos of 1250 plants found in the Northeast: wild, native, exotic, herbs, ornamental, house plants, crops, grasses, sedges, spices!

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Grassland Birds
NH Grassland Birds - $12
Read a sample from NH Invasive Plants
NH Invasive Plants - $10
All the PDF samples available from MIST are smaller than 3 Megabytes, and are encrypted, non-printing, lower resolution versions taken from the documents for sale.
Available now, in PDF format: "Grassland Birds of New Hampshire" by Marty Michener
ISBN 0-9728035-4-8
Bird Images and Sounds, grass identification primer, and land management links.
Marty Michener prepared this book on invasive management for a talk at Hollis Social Library, as a sample of his much larger book Botany Everywhere which will photo-graphically detail over 1200 North-eastern plants from all walks of life.  
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We guarantee the photos on a flat LCD screen will look better than any paper edition, simply because you can zoom in with the Adobe Reader to see more details.
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