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About: This Broken Archipelago - Cape Cod and the Islands Amphibians and Reptiles. by James D. Lazell, Jr., photographs and new layout and design by Martin C. Michener

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About: Graminoids -  a guide to some common grasses, sedges and rushes of the Northeast.

by Martin C. Michener

April 2004, Frances Clark wrote:

"The disc shows off the capabilities of the modern computer age in introducing students to botanical study.  The viewer can immediately see the intricacies of the subject matter: the often obscure, but fascinating pieces of grasses, sedges, and rushes.  As beginner botanists know, seeing and identifying the many technical features are the main frustration to identification of this group.  A botanist often will ask oneself, "What does 'trigonous' really look like, am I sure of it." The disc reveals in good quality photographs with arrows and captions what we need to see so we can proceed with confidence.  It also provides the magnification of a microscope that many do not have at hand.  The flexibility of the links within the document are also extremely helpful.  One can zip back and forth between glossary and species.   The species selected are common and likely to be seen by the botanist on a typical field trip.  Unfortunately and understandably, there are many similar species that are not included for study and comparison.  Several defining photographs for each species and the associated file-size each requires reduces the opportunity for others to be included.  Tying "Graminoids" to Dennis Magee's work helps to complement and expand the value of Dennis' text.
"The text is informal and touches on several practical aspects.  The information on salt marshes was enticing, but I didn't spend much time on it.  I personally have a hard time reading much from the screen, preferring a hard copy to sit in a more comfortable chair and make my notes. The photos of the salt marsh and its zones was most helpful. More information on the ecology of the settings and species is always welcome.  The informal style makes me want to skim to the meat; the short paragraphs enable me to do this.  I appreciate the acknowledgements to many of the people in the field from PHD scientists such as Lisa Standley to artists such as Erika Sonder.  The links to other websites are wonderful, now that I have fast internet service. The digital format also allows for adding additional species, replacing the any blurry photos with better ones, and more ecological information as the author continues his enthusiastic exploration of this group.

"My final thought is how does one sit at the computer looking at all the wonderful pictures without dropping achenes and perigynea into the keyboard?

"In summary, as an instructor of the beginner grasses, sedges, and rushes course at the Wild Flower Society, I find this a very helpful disc that brings the study of Graminoids into the twenty-first century and to the beginner student.  I would recommend it to my students.

Prof. Peter Del Tredici has not formally reviewed this book, but he emails us to say the ecological section has made a lot of sense to him, and he now incorporates some of it into his soils classes at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

About: Grassland Birds of New Hampshire

by Martin C. Michener

About: NH Invasive Plants

by Martin C. Michener

Botany Everywhere -   Woods, Field, Home and Garden Plants of Northeastern USA.

by Martin C. Michener

This successful product has its own web page which includes many reviews. It is currently being used as a textbook for Plant Identification in New England at the Landscape Institute, Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University.

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