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Diamondback terrapin from the Barnstable salt marshes


This page is intended as a supplement to the web information in our PDF-book: This Broken Archipelago.

Much of the best information can be found today on Internet web sites, even if field biologists may well be the last form of educated human to discover and effectively learn to use them. The very strength of such a resource -- unlike the book, cast immutably on paper and possibly correct at only one point in time -- is the ease with which any web site can be up-dated by its owner. A few keystrokes in the evening after dinner, and a web site can have a new photograph, an explanatory diagram or added comment or even a new summary data table. We will try to maintain correct links from this web page, as addresses and content change with time.

ARMI - Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative - by the Federal agency now in charge of living ecosystem research in the USA, the United State Geological Service.

 National Park Service report on Cape Cod Amphibians - results of the amphibian monitoring programs conducted at the Cape Cod National Seashore by the National Park Service.

Amphibians and Reptiles at Cape Cod National Seashore - a terrific, specific list of the outer Cape's records for various reptiles and amphibians, by Dr. Robert Cook.

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - the teaching list prepared by Massachusetts Audubon Society for nature study at this sanctuary.  They also have a list of links to Reptiles and Amphibians web sites.

State by state guides to herps - commercial book finding list.

Science Information System (SIS) Research Project Titles, Updated 7/10/2002 - from all the biologists at Pawtuxant National Wildlife Refuge, with links to their rock-solid project descriptions.

Massachusetts State List of Herpetofauna - current official list by county.


 Cape Cod Museum of Natural History - their web site - In Brewster, they have classes, trails, a wonderful museum of exhibits and frequent nature walks.

 List of Cape Cod museums, natural and otherwise - to help plan any visit.

 Cape Cod Management Plan  - This is the National Park Service statement of goals and objectives for the National Seashore, given the dynamic nature of bank erosion and the beach depositional environment.


 Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary web page from Massachusetts Audubon Society.

 List of Reserves and Nature Trails for the whole island.

 Directory of Cape & Islands Coastal Outreach Organizations - by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.


 The Nantucket Conservation Foundation - a dot com by a not-for-profit.  Ok.  They have wonderful photos and also a section on Ponds and bogs.

 Calendar & Travel Tips for Nantucket - a changing list of the latest events and resources.

 Maria Mitchell Association - home page of an excellent scientific and historical society, although their web currently contains little of herpetological interest.


 Herpetological list of web sites - by Phoebe Lehmann at MCZ, Harvard.

 Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation - PARC - a non-profit coalition with all the latest national herp news, including a PDF brochure explaining the damage to the ecosystem from released classroom and laboratory animals, called: "Don't turn it loose!"

 U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Northeast Region - their official site, also describing PARC.

 Vanishing Frogs - a web page listing lots of societies and resources.

 American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH) - the home page of this professional society.

 Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) - their home page.

 Herpetologists League - the home page of this scientific and conservation organization.

 Herpetology Webliography - an annotated list of web resources on herps at Texas Tech University.

Diamondback terrapin hatchlings from the Barnstable salt marshes

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